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A cost-effective yet powerful and flexible finite element analysis solution for linear and nonlinear, static and dynamic implicit simulation of problems in solid mechanics and thermal analysis. [more]


A viewer and post-processing framework for finite element and finite volume analysis results. It is specifically designed for multi-physics applications involving B2000++ FE models and unstructured and structured multi-block CFD models. [more]


Spatial coupling tools for weakly-coupled aero-elastic and aero-thermal multi-physics simulations, combining the B2000++ FE solver with the NSMB (Navier-Stokes Multi-Block) structured CFD solver. [more]


A fast data management system designed for engineering applications, such as computational solid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, and coupled multi-disciplinary applications. However, MemCom is not tied to specific applications and may be used in many contexts where fast and platform-independent operation is required. [more]