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License Keys

Customers must obtain a license file from SMR for specific machine or group of machines. To obtains the license file, customers must:

  1. Open a terminal.

  2. Download the script and move it to your current working directory of the terminal.

  3. Execute the script for identifying the machine parameters, and optionally the account parameters, which are needed to obtain a license key from SMR. Execute the command

    sh ./

    The script will first inform you what it does. It then prompts for confirmation, and finally it writes the collected data to the file licenseinfo.txt.

  4. Send the file licenseinfo.txt as an email attachment to

  5. Obtain a license file in return.

  6. Install the license file under a local directory and define the environment variable SMR_LICENSE pointing to it.

    Example (bash shell): Store the license file SMR_LICENSE_abc in the directory $HOME/local and add the line

    export SMR_LICENSE=$HOME/local/SMR_LICENSE_abc
    to your .bashrc file. Logout and login.