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Obtain and Install Software from SMR

This document describes how to obtain and install binary software from SMR. We assume a certain familiarity with basic UNIX commands.

The SMR Software Server

Software from SMR is available to customers via the Internet from the SMR software server and is distributed in the form of RPM packages with the operating system's package manager. Instructions on how to configure the package manager and how to download the software are sent to customers by email.

Upon request, Software from SMR can be shipped on support media, such as CD's.

To run Software from SMR, a valid license key file from SMR must be obtained. The license file will be included in the customer's distribution and installed automatically. For obtaining a license key file and for quotations, please contact SMR by email or call us at +41323452121.

Install Software

SMR Software is installed in /opt/smr. To run SMR software

  • the user environment must be configured by means of the Modules package. Relevant Modules configuration files are shipped with the SMR Software and are stored in /opt/smr/etc/modulefiles
  • the license key file must be installed in the user environment, and the environment variable SMR_LICENSE must be set.

An example of specifying the above settings in the $HOME/.bashrc file is given below:

export SMR_LICENSE=/home/demo/licenses/my_smr-License_file;
export MODULEPATH=/etc/modulefiles:/opt/smr/etc/modulefiles;
module load smr;

Testing the Installation

Launch one of the SMR programs, such as baspl++. Example: Launch baspl++ from the shell with

prompt> baspl++

This should display the baspl++ main window:

Viewing the documentation

Documentation is installed together with the software from SMR. All documentation is available in HTML format and most of the documentation is also available in PDF format. o view the on-line documentation enter the following URL in your web browser:



For help, or for submitting bug reports and comments, please send mail to or contact us by telephone at +41323452121.